Are Researchers ALWAYS Busy?

Emmanuel socphd blogEmmanuel is a member of Centre for Advances in Marketing, Business and Management Research Institute at the University of Bedfordshire Business School, Luton. England. His research investigates the framework of print advertisements for consumer banking services in the UK in terms of visual communications (images) and appeals and understanding customer’s perceptions of visual communications. His research interest lies in visual consumption and communication of corporate designs.  You can follow Emmanuel via his twitter account @e_mogaji and at


This sounds like a research question but I guess I am not chanced at the present moment to seek answers for this question, like every other researcher, I am over committed and can’t take up any other project now..

I appreciate the need to network and share ideas, I look forward to meeting various people who I will like to work with but seems everyone has something already on ground doing. Can you take up another research project with your present workload?

Assuming financial reward is included or an opportunity which is so good to refuse because it will enhance your CV or an Early Career Researcher reaching out to you for partnership? I suppose we will have different answers.

I attended a workshop on successfully applying and securing research grant and it boils down to the fact that you need the right connections, the right people to enhance your chances. Imagine researchers from a Russell group university competing with those from a post 1992 University for a million euro research grant, most likely the Russell group university will get it.

So what’s the plan for those attending post 1992 universities? Any chance for us, the speaker suggested Networking, working with those already in the game to build your own network, but how easy is it to do that when we are all busy with huge amount of pressure.

As a PhD student who will like to collaborate and expand my research network, the supposedly busy schedule of everyone seem discouraging, supervisors are more concerned with you finishing in three years and may not want any other research activity to distract you, even though they have present work they are working upon, you timely completing is of uttermost importance but what is the value of a PhD with you added skills?

I will however suggest to individuals to keep trying, reaching out to people but most importantly, researchers of the same category/experience. You are both struggling to get your manuscripts published, working hard to climb the academic ladder and under same kind of pressure.   This is because the more experience researcher may be too busy while those behind you in terms of experience may not have the zeal you will want to work with.

I will also suggest the need to tap into Supervisors’ network. A friend of mine got his Supervisor involved in his conference presentation, they were both acknowledge as authors while his supervisor presented the paper, a senior colleague too had over five journal publications with his Supervisor before he finished his PhD which enhanced his chance of getting work immediately after graduation.

I have plan to keep building my small  network and we will grow together, people we can share ideas with and know that when they are still very busy, they can spare time to collaborate and provide the support. I have found the @PhDforum on twitter useful as the only collaborator for I project I have presently was through that network, Piirus is not the main thing for me, I also found ResearchGate inappropriate.

Am sure, I will also get to that level when I can’t work with an Early Career Researcher because I am over committed to various projects at the moment and can’t work on any new project.

Watch out for me.


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