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Emmanuel socphd blogEmmanuel is a member of Centre for Advances in Marketing, Business and Management Research Institute at the University of Bedfordshire Business School, Luton. England. His research investigates the framework of print advertisements for consumer banking services in the UK in terms of visual communications (images) and appeals and understanding customer’s perceptions of visual communications. His research interest lies in visual consumption and communication of corporate designs.  You can follow Emmanuel via his twitter account @e_mogaji and at https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Emmanuel_Mogaji/


It all started first as a rumour, everyone keeps asking me – Do you know she is leaving…? Just like Elisha in the Old Testament of the Bible, colleagues keep asking me if I knew my supervisor was leaving the University, and all I could say was that I have not been officially informed.

To my surprise, that was actually true, my Director of Studies, the main supervisor was leaving the University by end of December 2013 and I had a mixed feelings towards that but I thought to myself, she has the right and like any other person for career progressions, so I shouldn’t be selfish that she wasn’t staying behind for me.

I have read people’s experience about change in supervisor and the effect that could have on the progress of the research, wondering what the future holds, not sure of who will be my next supervisor, will it be someone interested in research? Will it be someone quite approachable and willing to supervise?

My Director of Studies was fond of my research and will mention me in any of her seminars and that always gets me the attention within the Institute. Though it wasn’t a very cordially relationship, she appeared very strict and I actually relates more with the second supervisor whom I cherish and appreciate, we do communicate better and I know I can ask her questions even when Director of Studies might seem busy.

There were ideas of following her to the new university but I couldn’t even give it a thought because the university wasn’t that special compared to where I was, I enjoyed the company of friends and families around and more so there was no official notification and wasn’t informed well in advance enough to plan for relocating but it makes no differences now; so I had to patiently wait for the notification of the new Director of Studies.

To my surprise, my new Director of Studies is not a professor like the previous one, though sceptical but I literally had no choice in deciding who to be I want but I look forward to meeting her and see how well we can work together.

She got in touch by email and told me to prepare my research so far in a slide and come present for her, to gain an insight into my research and how to work it out.

But I can gladly say, so far, so good, it’s been a wonderful experience, I have enjoyed both her approach to work and interest in my development.

We meet regularly on Wednesday Morning by 10:00am to discuss action plans as I have to submit a minute of our meeting to include all actions for next meeting which has helpful as a guide and progress check for my research.

I can conclude that the change in Supervisor for me has been a blessing, an improvement and I guess am lucky to have such supervisor. Both supervisors get along well with each other, though my second supervisor has a more in-depth knowledge of my research, they have been able to both reach an agreement on some particular issues even in my presence which is actually to my favour.

I look forward to more productive years with the three of us.


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