Call for guest blogs: Social media as a study or research resource

Hi Everyone,

We continue to be inspired by your contributions and enthusiasm. The development of this social research hub reflects your commitment to collaboration. Our next tweetchat will be co-hosted with @Natcen @NSMNSS and takes place on 15th April 2013 at 4pm (GMT).  This tweetchat will use the #nsmnss hashtag and will focus on the ‘challenges and opportunities of social media research.’

In preparation for this chat we invite you to share your experiences of using social media either as a study or research aid. We anticipate your guest blogs will be short personal narratives as opposed to an academic essay. We want to encourage contributors to use our guest blogging facility as a conversational tool to connect with others. So use your social voice and share your experiences.

We will host your guest blogs on our wordpress account and use them to generate a broader conversation. Topic examples, should you need them, are detailed below:

Dipping a toe in the social media world

Best social media study aids

Social research via social media

My favourite collaboration….so far

Ooops! Social Media errors

We look forward to hearing from you, don’t delay find ten minutes to write a quick blog today 🙂


15 Responses

  1. I have written on my blog on how sociologists and other social scientists can use Pinterest for research purposes:

    • Hi Deborah, thank you for sharing we will tweet your link, could we also please host your pinterest blog on our account so we can collate these ‘social media use’ blogs for our upcoming discussion?

      • Sure!

  2. I currently have an article under review on impoliteness in computer-mediated discourse – I could write about that if you like.

    • Hi Daniel, That sounds a really interesting topic, it would be great to have a blog about it and for it to contribute to our forthcoming tweetchat with @NSMNSS. Look forward to receiving it and fingers crossed for your review. 🙂

      • Here it is: It’s not quite what I said I would post, more on my current work, which is fitting with my own blog theme for the month of April. Hope that’s OK.

  3. Very interested in this topic
    Here’s one I wrote a few months ago

    • Thank you for sharing Naomi, are you happy for us to host this blog and promote for our upcoming tweetchat?

  4. I teach in Media Psy PhD at Fielding Graduate University. My graduate students will soon be creating a manual on how to do research on social media. I would very much like to join your chat. We also are interested in creating a special concentration in social media. Good to connect with you.

    • It is wonderful to hear from you Regina and we are also connected to a media psychology MSc here in the UK. Are you on twitter we would love to connect you with Dr. Sharon Coen from University of Salford

      • Great. I am on Twitter @obspsy –will be great to connect and share information on research and our media psychology programs.

  5. Hi socphd,

    If you would like a snapshot of Social Media ethnography as an example of research (as opposed to a how-to guide), this old post of mine might interest you 🙂

  6. Hi socphd,
    What about using tools to capture and organize social media data? I’m a tech communicator at QSR and spend most days writing about NVivo. The latest version lets you capture content from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Interested in a quick post about that? Nothing too ‘salesy’ or that contains made-up words like ‘salesy’ 🙂

    • Hi Kath, that sounds fabulous, we would love to hear more about that. We will also write up about the social media tweetchat we convened today and hope others continue to contribute to this fascinating and varied topic. We look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes, Socphd 🙂

  7. Very interesting ideas for a very important issue.I have been teachin Media Psychology for years ond one of the ttopics that I discuss is the psychological issues related withbsocialmmedia. Why is not possible to think in one book about social media with contributions of people of arouind theb world

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